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Frequently Asked Questions

Does OlyBee Design and Setup Event for Renters?

OlyBee Staff does NOT provide design and pre-event setup unless it is paid for as an add on by the renter.  As is, the renter is responsible for designing and setting up their own event.  OlyBee provides venue rentals with tables/chairs/equipment but does not readily provide event management, event design or event setup.


Is there parking at the Olympia Ballroom Downtown?

The Ballroom downtown does NOT have private parking or designated parking areas.  Like all other performance venues downtown in the City of Olympia we are at the mercy of street parking.  The City of Olympia provides a map of paid lots that are within blocks for the Ballroom.  The Meeting House at Priest Point Park is the only event venue OlyBee manages that has a private parking lot and should be considered if parking is a serious priority.


Can we play music till late at The Olympia Ballroom?

YES, The Olympia Ballroom can have music on Friday-Saturday night till 12AM (midnight) and 1030PM on Mon-Thurs Nights.

The Meeting House has a cutoff of 10PM for loud music on all days of the week.


Is there on-site staff that services events and handle emergencies?

The renter is responsible for managing emergencies including dealing with trespassers, injuries, etc.  The renter per our agreement is subleasing the space for a set event time and is solely responsible for its care and its management during that contracted rental.  Insurance is required as well as appropriate actions for emergencies.  On-site management can be paid for as an add-on to assist with facility needs.

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