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OlyBee LLC which operates the Olympia Ballroom and other event venues in Olympia is a family owned venue management business.  Liz & Ryan are the owners and have 4 wonderful boys at home.  Ryan is a long time resident of the area and enjoys giving back to the community and downtown Olympia's rich history.  Liz is a transplant of South Carolina and loves events in the city and created the new vintage style at the Ballroom; curtains, chandeliers and new mezzanine lounge.

With this in mind we are a small, family business and not a corporate hotel or venue operation and with the current state of staff shortages coming out of the Covid-pandemic we advise you to be patient with our services and the state of downtown currently.  We will continue to work hard to bring affordable, beautiful, historic venues across Olympia.  Thank you for your patience and business!

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